The majority of the world was under lockdown at this time last year. Fortunately, as a new normal emerged, many of us were able to work from home, and others in the smart home, electrical, building, and related trades were deemed “essential” services. However, in any event, for any among us working, everything was unique, more far off and not friendly 100% of the time.

Withdrawing into the work-from-work space, we struggled for valuable band¬width with other relatives, put on our best faces for Zoom gatherings (“Your Honor, I’m not a feline!”) also, searched out new amusement to marathon watch.

Additionally, we sought mental refuge in our outdoor spaces, and many of us became familiar with or re-acquainted with gardening and the plants on our properties. Deals of plants and seeds flooded. For direction, we turned to television and the Internet, where many of us discovered the British institution Monty Don.

“hello – welcome to gardeners’ world”: Those calm words at the beginning of each episode set the tone for a relaxing 29-minute journey through a season of gardening at Mr. Don’s own “Longmeadow” home garden in Herefordshire in the West Midlands of England.

Other presenters on the show also take viewers to famous gardens and gardening events in the UK. As the host for the past 19 seasons and the author of more than 20 books on the subject, Mr. Don is well-versed in gardening. Yet, past subject mastery, it was likewise the voice, the energy for blossoms, grasses, trees and vegetables, and the quiet, consistent speed of every episode that evoked an emotional response in the tumultuous 2020 season.

Although the pandemic contributed to the emergence of a gardening boom in the United States, seeds became as scarce as yeast (or, for a time, toilet paper). The British are generally more serious gardeners than Americans.