The opening of CEDIA’s 2023 Integrated Home Market Analysis was announced today. CEDIA is asking home technology integrators in the United States and the United Kingdom to provide valuable industry insight in order to appropriately size the market.

The annual Integrated Home Market Analysis from CEDIA has shown how valuable it is to provide integrators with a comprehensive view of trends and industry health so that they can make decisions for their businesses based on more accurate data.

Integrators will be asked to reflect on their business over the past year and make projections for the future based on those metrics. The types of integrator services that are provided the most frequently, preferred brands, sales volume, and the financial value of the work will be discovered through a series of questions. The multinational market survey can be completed in about 15 minutes, and respondents can choose to keep their identities private.

All participants, regardless of their CEDIA membership status, will receive a copy of the findings and a $20 credit to a selection of establishments as a reward for completing the survey.

The 2023 CEDIA Coordinated Home Market Examination closes on July 31. To participate in the survey and obtain additional information.