How are you collaborating with the homeowner and design-build professionals who are interested in purchasing digital artworks from Blackdove?

MARC: It hurts to hide displays as they grow in size. Don’t hide it; highlight it, as we like to say. On the Blackdove platform, we have over 100 artists represented, so there really is something for everyone. Additionally, some artists, like Jonathan, are able to personalize works of art based on color schemes or the homeowner’s and designer’s ideas.

As we meet with clients, we start with a specialized conversation and afterward the craftsmanship becomes an integral factor. It’s a process of curation. We send out a questionnaire, and based on the responses, we create a curatorial program for the owner. By the time we reach the end of that, the owner usually has found works they want to buy. It is a collaborative process because designers and architects also have works that they believe will enhance their designs.

Final thoughts Blackdove is attempting to unite the world through a common art experience. Specialists are the beat of humankind and their manifestations should be seen by the world, not secured away. Uniquely, digital art provides this opportunity. Visit and see with your own eyes how you can upgrade and grow any inside plan.