When I was wandering the halls of Art Basel, which takes place in Miami every December, I was about 15 years old when I first fell in love with digital art. It immediately struck me as an amazing opportunity to be able to share art on a global scale, which would be very unique given my career as a technology entrepreneur. I strongly believe that brilliant artists like Jamie and Jonathan are creating an asset class, a creative asset class, and that their work ought to be shared and viewed.

I fell even more in love with the medium and the opportunity the more I looked at them. There was a magical moment waiting to be discovered at every turn. The company’s initial design called for me to construct a platform for myself.

It was an exceptionally simple piece of programming that I used to drape a computerized material in my home to show workmanship. Every one of my friends and family wanted one right away, and it became so popular right away. That also marked the beginning of our endeavor to develop Blackdove into a business opportunity.

We also came to the conclusion that the art form is an excellent complement to a very upbeat attitude as we investigated it further. There is a certain level of connectivity that you have in this digital world when you have works by artists like Jonathan and Jamie around you.

The art also makes you curious about what will happen next. Not at all like conventional workmanship which is a solitary edge, computerized craftsmanship incorporates different casings, and we found it fascinated watchers.

During the first few years of Blackdove, we put a strong emphasis on acquiring any kind of customer who expressed an interest in our technology in order to ascertain who else might be interested in this. Additionally, we’ve discovered in recent years that extremely large installations provide an incredible platform for the arts; in fact, the installation’s size matters.

The movement of digital art creates an enhanced digital world for our clients, adding this meditative quality to the spaces it occupies. The majority of us are constantly bombarded with what I’ll call “bad data.

Take, for instance, everything you see on the internet, and what we see has an impact on the things we do every day. It gets sloppy. As a result, our customers have informed us that the carefully selected works of art enhance their sense of curiosity and wellbeing. It gives you the inclination that you are carrying on with a cutting edge existence with present day devices, in a fantastic positive climate.