Thinking Outside the Box, Exploring New Ground, and Providing People with Free Rein to express their creativity and go above and beyond what has come before This represents Blackdove’s unwavering pursuit of perfection and serves as a benchmark in the field of digital art for today’s most cutting-edge performance homes.

Blackdove is a curator of digital art founded by Marc Billings that can be easily viewed on any display, including large-screen televisions and mobile devices. The imaginative approach that Blackdove takes to digital art celebrates the most intimate aspects of the artist’s vision and exposes the nature and emotional life of a work. The artwork transports you to a different universe, a world of pure vision, on large digital canvases. Additionally, the destination of the journey is solely up to you.

Digital canvasses, also known as large-scale video displays, provide architects and interior designers with access to a new realm of expression, providing opportunities to artistically expand room interiors and propel the visions behind decorative interiors that give any décor three dimensions.

I recently caught up with Marc Billings and Jonathan McCabe and Jamie Scott, two artists whose work is on display at Blackdove.

“Hiding displays becomes painful as they grow in size. Don’t hide it; highlight it, as we like to say. The Blackdove platform features over 100 artists, so there is truly something for everyone.