Meet Sudalai Rajkumar, a refined Information Researcher with a demonstrated history of taking care of certifiable business issues across different spaces, and the Head of computer based intelligence &ML at

Before this, he was an Information Researcher at and has done the two information science counseling and ML item improvement jobs.

In his 13+ long stretches of involvement, he has tackled many fascinating information science issues with regards to various areas including finance, client assistance, online business, medical care, and transportation.

He has an abundance of involvement as a simulated intelligence/ML consultant, directing new businesses on their information science venture from zero to one. Sudalai Rajkumar excels in data science competitions and is one of only five Quadruple Kaggle Grandmasters in the world.

Additionally, he enjoys and has won numerous data science competitions to expand his knowledge. He has won the Competitions, Datasets, and Kernels section of Kaggle four times.