Co-founder, Group Chief Executive, and Vice Chairman of Fractal is Srikanth Velamakanni. One of the most well-known providers of AI to Fortune 500® companies is Fractal. Fractal’s vision is to drive each human choice in the undertaking, and bring simulated intelligence, designing, and plan to help the world’s most appreciated organizations.

Since Srikanth helped to establish Fractal in 2000, the organization has raised more than USD 680 million from institutional confidential value financial backers. Fractal serves in excess of 100 Fortune 500 organizations with its man-made intelligence, information and examination driven business systems. Under his initiative, Fractal has fostered a few product offerings inside the organization including Core Knowledge,,,, and

Srikanth is Prime supporter and Legal administrator of Plaksha College, with a solid scholarly spotlight on center designing, AIML and math. By bringing together science and the liberal arts, Plaksha also fosters interdisciplinary learning. Srikanth is an authority on AI and data as a member of the NASSCOM Executive Council. Srikanth’s energy for simulated intelligence and examination has made him an idea chief in the space and a respected public speaker. He views himself as a long lasting understudy of science, conduct financial matters, neuroscience and purchaser conduct.

Srikanth peruses a normal of 40 verifiable books a year on the previously mentioned subjects. He likewise appreciates journals, life stories and books on initiative. A functioning devotee of improvements in US governmental issues, Srikanth appreciates staying up to date with late-night American television shows especially those facilitated by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Hassan Minhaj. Srikanth finished his B.Tech. in Electrical Designing from the Indian Organization of Innovation (IIT), Delhi and holds a MBA in Administration from the Indian Establishment of The executives (IIM), Ahmedabad. Before helping to establish Fractal, he was a speculation investor chipping away at organized obligation and CDOs.