Create engaging live stream and interactive video experiences with Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS), an AWS service that enables businesses and brands to use live interactive video to educate, entertain, and inform their clients.

A total video conveyance stage can be turned up from a basic Programming interface call, with immensely versatile framework, with low inactivity, intelligence with a cloud local pay-more only as costs arise business model.

Through “Working Backwards,” we combine the best of AWS’s Innovation Mechanisms with Thoughtworks’ Lean Experimentation, Integrated Design, and “Thin Slice” approach to deliver the value of interactive video early in thin slices. Experimentation powered by Thoughtworks and AWS

Live streaming and interactive live video offer a plethora of creative and experimental possibilities. As an AWS IVS accomplice, Develop at Thoughtworks can work with you to distinguish use cases for IVS and intuitive live video, quickly model and test ideas, and convey last arrangements.