Since the introduction of wide-bandgap (WBG) devices like silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), power electronics technologies have undergone a significant transformation. In point of fact, these materials possess properties that make them particularly suitable for applications that operate at high switching frequencies and voltages. To completely take advantage of the potential presented by wide-bandgap semiconductors, creators should grasp the difficulties of these materials.

Power hardware configuration will keep on zeroing in on lessening the size and intricacy of gadgets while expanding their usefulness. The plan will progressively integrate artificial intelligence and AI calculations to further develop execution, screen framework wellbeing, and advance energy the executives. In order to create a more connected and automated energy system, future developments will be incorporated not only into the automotive, industrial, and aerospace markets but also into IoT technologies.

Drive motors and regulate power are two applications for semiconductor devices. Transducers/sensors, cost-effective and energy-efficient control, test, and measurement solutions, as well as cost-effective safety features and certified isolation capabilities, make design simpler and offer a high level of integration as efficiency standards for these applications improve.

In addition, an important aspect of engineering is making use of new power semiconductors and energy harvesting methods to ensure that electrical and electronic systems function optimally.

A three-day virtual conference and exhibition on power electronics is the PowerUP Expo. The PowerUP Expo functions like a live conference and exhibition because it has an exhibition area, a live stage, and a messaging center. Keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations, and tutorials on a variety of topics, including significant technical trends, market demands, and new application areas, will be part of this technical conference. There will be virtual booths from leading power electronics companies in the exhibition area, as well as a Live Chat feature that lets visitors talk directly to booth staff.

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