Tools for navigation With mobile technology, you no longer need to carry a map with you to navigate. Use a reliable navigation app to know how to get where you need to go and how long it might take to get there.

It’s a good idea to lock down your data plan before you leave. Access to public hotspots can be difficult to come by and internet access can be pricey in some locations. Therefore, prior to your arrival, you might want to think about purchasing a SIM card or a pocket Wi-Fi.

Case for waterproof phone and camera There’s a good chance you’ll be going a lot of places. As a result, you shouldn’t let technology stop you from getting dirty. In addition to safeguarding your devices, a waterproof case will enable you to take full advantage of the ideal underwater photo opportunities. Get snapping!

All inclusive power connector
The Australian Kind I electrical plug is restrictive, so don’t anticipate having the option to attachment and play immediately except if you bring your own connector. It’s a good idea to have a universal one that you can use in other countries as well.

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