Clothes that can be worn in any kind of weather Australia’s weather can actually be erratic and difficult to predict. Large World Little Pockets’ Stephanie Parker urges explorers not to anticipate the unendingly bright oceans and day in and day out surf pictures that are much of the time sold in vacationer leaflets.

A published Pretty Me post titled “What Not to Wear in Unpredictable Weather” suggests smartening up your wardrobe for any forecast before you exclusively pack bikinis and shorts in your suitcase. Make room for at least one jacket, soft shirts, and pants that will cover your legs well when the temperature drops.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too big because they can get caught in the elements and make you feel heavier. Naturally, you can’t compromise on durable shoes that you can live with. Even though they are just clothes, the fact that they are the only thing preventing you from getting a fever can make or break your trip.

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