Keep in Touch One of the most important things I’ve learned while traveling is how important it is to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Never lose sight of where you came from—true friends love you for your gypsy ways and don’t need constant updates. Send a postcard if, like me, you are lazy and keep putting off Skype dates!

Get off the Beaten Track

In the same way as other nations, the ‘genuine’ excellence lies off in an unexpected direction. While the East Coast of Australia is absolutely paradise, a trip to the outback, northern territory, or West Coast will give you a true sense of the country’s remoteness.

Rent a car and drive inland for a few days and hang out at a local pub if you’re short on time or on a budget. When visiting New Zealand, some of our favorite spots are on their own along the coast: Take into consideration Raglan, Gisborne, Paihia, or the far south: Invercargill.

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye. On each of your journeys, you’ll meet new friends. If you want to continue on your chosen path, never be afraid to say goodbye. My decision to abandon my own desired travel plans in order to follow the group has been one of my biggest mistakes. Make an effort to keep in touch and appreciate the time you spent together.

But keep in mind that for every “goodbye,” there is a new world of “hellos” waiting for you at your next location! One thing we do know is that the people we meet while traveling become lifelong friends!

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