Inflatable Pillows Whether taking a tour or a public bus, traveling through Australia and New Zealand can sometimes involve lengthy periods of driving. Believe me when I say that inflatable travel pillows will make all the difference in the world! on a budget? Repurpose your empty Goon bag into a pillow—Australians adore recycling!

Bag for Waterproof Cameras Okay, so the weather in both countries can be a little bit erratic at times! Those of you who are content snappers (aren’t we all?), Buy a waterproof camera bag that can also be used as a daypack. It should be big enough to hold your phone, wallet, sunblock, and any other items you might need while you’re out exploring.

Indulge in local delicacies No trip to Australia is complete culturally without a taste of Goon, a cheap wine sold by the bag. Add some orange juice to change things up. Vegemite, too. You only need a little dab here and there because this stuff is strong! Spread it on bread like jam! Try it on toast or with cheese. Emu, crocodile, and kangaroo are also essentials!

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