Book the least expensive flight

It Generally seems like the smartest thought at that point (believe me… I know)! However, when the time comes, you will regret booking the longest flight with the most changeovers and a six-hour layover at KL Airport with a strong hangover. Consider whether your hangover will be grateful that you didn’t pay the $30 for a faster flight.

Try not to travel alone

Alright this one is a croc of poop! The world of technology, which has no boundaries and no limits, has opened the doors to new nations and a never-ending supply of information. There are a lot of solo travel bloggers on Instagram who continue to defy the “laws” of travel and show us new places and possibilities. Taking a solo trip, whether you want to explore New Zealand or backpack along Australia’s east coast, is exciting, educational, and rewarding. It forces you to really research and plan your trip to an unknown country, pushing you out of your comfort zone and engulfing you in a new layer of fear. It enables us to put common sense, awareness, and being open to new people into practice. Convinced? Look at these 10 Hints each independent voyager ought to be aware!

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