Assuming you stay in your old neighborhood or country for what seems like forever, it is difficult to grasp the world completely. You won’t ever get to encounter other nations’ battles, festivities, and customs.

You could argue that these things are shown to you by the media. However, while positive stories are often overlooked, the media frequently highlights a nation’s negative aspects. Contemplate the conflict in Syria and how your ongoing view of individuals and the nation are. We are able to construct walls and barriers to comprehension thanks to the media. The only way to get around this is to explore the real world and see things for ourselves.

There may be significant differences between nations. There are differences in dialect, cuisine, music, religion, and customs. We are able to develop an open mind as a result of our exposure to these distinctive cultures and comprehend that despite our apparent differences, we share many human characteristics. Even though we look different, we have the same goals and hopes. All societies love their kids, are glad for their way of life, and attempt to work on day to day environments for their families. We are connected by our similarities. We can appreciate our differences and cultivate a greater sense of tolerance when we travel.

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