My life was forever altered when we went on a day trip to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand while we were in Bangkok. We figured out how awful creature the travel industry is and how we, as sightseers, are accidental accessories.

We support unlawful pouching and creature savagery by participating in creature the travel industry. This includes riding elephants and taking pictures with large cats or monkeys.

At the point when we do these things, we are not just harming the creatures, we are guaranteeing things won’t ever improve. I have to admit that I have never been a fan of animals, but seeing elephants up close and personal changed me. It inspired me to help others.

So, two years later, I and my partner decided to go on a family vacation with our one-year-old son. We offered all that and passed on San Diego to carry on with an existence of administration. We will make the most of this opportunity to assist the less fortunate.

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