Surfing, diving, and hiking are all things we enjoy doing together. We left San Fernando and went around the Philippines together for quite a long time. We then traveled to Singapore.

My four-month vacation had come to an end, so I was forced to return home. Since trekking to Everest Base Camp was on both of our bucket lists, we made arrangements to meet up again two months later in Nepal. We did as it was our first trek that lasted more than a day.

On the road again, we ran into each other in a few different countries. Following a half year of on and off I chose to leave my place of employment and join Campbell on his all over the planet experience.

After we tied the knot three years later, we decided to start a travel blog. We’ve done hundreds of hikes, traveled through Latin America on hitchhike for a year, driven thousands of kilometers across Africa, and walked seven Camino de Santiago routes in the past six years.

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