One of the most life-altering travel experiences I’ve ever had was meeting my future husband. Six years ago, we met in the Philippines. For a few months, I traveled alone throughout Southeast Asia.

After finishing my dive course on Indonesia’s Gili Air Island, I wasn’t sure where to go next. I was seeking a suitable location to learn to surf. My plunge teacher enlightened me concerning San Fernando, a humble community on Luzon Island in the Philippines.

For me, it sounded like the ideal location. I bought a plane ticket right away, and I got to San Fernando two days later. The inn I remained at had a major dorm with many beds. I met numerous explorers including Campbell. We had adjoining beds in the quarters, truth be told.

He traveled solo too and we loved one another, so we began going together to the ocean side, surfing and going out around evening time. Due to coincidental similarities in our travel plans, we decided to continue our journey together.

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