I learned in Cuba that people lie, especially or especially online. Because no one really wants to admit that they’ve had a bad experience, and no one really wants to read about other people’s bad experiences—but is that really the case?

I immediately made the decision to be different. I made the decision that I had to warn other people, tell them the truth, tell them what to expect, and tell them how to avoid scams. That is the reason I opened my blog. At first, it was just a pastime.

After two years, I realized that I did want to try to make things work out. All things considered, what did I need to lose? My contract as a university research fellow had come to an end, and all I had left was a series of uninteresting, low-paying, short-term teaching positions.

As a result, I gave blogging my all. And it did work. I’m a lot more joyful individual at this point. I love what I’m doing. It’s priceless when I wake up to find a long list of things to do and read it with a smile on my face.

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