The movement bug messed with me hard in 11th grade, when I went on my most memorable outing to EUROPE. It was a school trip and whenever I first had ever experienced a plane (I was so apprehensive!) Beginning in London, we traveled to Paris. I fell in love then.

Not high school love, puppy-dog love. True love existed here. The kind of love that takes over your life and makes it hard to get away from. the sort of love that never ends.

Was Paris the love of my life? Oh yes! But even more so, I adored the entire travel experience. I couldn’t stop eating. I wanted to see and learn as much as I could and make the most of every moment.

Going by transport, I would glance around and see individuals dozing and think, What’s going on with you individuals! You are passing up a major opportunity! I even appreciated basic scenes as they were temporary past my window.

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