Take a traditional Vietnamese approach to pancake day celebrations. Bánh Xèo is filled with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and herbs after being made with rice flour, water, and turmeric. The end product is a golden-brown, crispy, and flavorful pancake that is ideal for wrapping in lettuce leaves and eating like a taco. The mini versions, which are referred to as Bánh Kht, are the ideal snack for hungry passengers on a lengthy train ride that winds through the countryside.

Bánh Xèo comes from Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, where Khmer people have traditionally lived. The Cambodians claim a version of this pancake as their own, which is called Banh Chao in Khmer.

A thinner, smaller type of pancake is used to make Bánh Xèo in Hanoi’s northern and central regions. During ETG vacations, we will schedule stops at places where you can try this kind of street food. If you want a truly in-depth look at the food, ask your consultant to include a Street Food Tour; you won’t regret it.

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