“The dancing gives me the chance to see places I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.” I enjoy traveling. I’ve learned a lot from the people and experiences. Matt Harding Matt Harding quit his day job in 2003 to embark on a journey that would take him to more than 39 nations across seven continents. Matt eventually drew Stride Gum’s attention due to his dance, which is best known for resembling snapping while running still. Matt was then compensated by the business to travel, dance, and make videos.

Matt has performed dances with Rwandans in Mulindi; in Petra, Jordan, in a narrow canyon; in Peru, on a lush hillside with a view of Machu Picchu; and on the dime of his sponsor in Tokyo, Japan, on a crowded street.

Even though he no longer actively maintains his website, his videos and short travel stories continue to be shared on social media and elsewhere, providing an entertaining and enlightening journey across the globe.

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