Thandai, the most popular Holi sweet in Rajasthan and northern India, is almost a Holi staple. Saffron, almonds, sugar, milk, and a variety of herbs go into this unique beverage. A chilled thandai is not complete without a Holi celebration. It helps one unwind after all the fun of Holi. Bhaang is also frequently included in versions created for the Holi and Shivratri celebrations.

During Holi, Namak pare, or bite-sized, deep-fried snacks, are popular. Ajwain (carom seed) and salt are typically added to the flour-based dough that is used to make them. After that, the strips are fried and eaten either plain or with pickle. Shakkar Paare is a sweet version of this crispy sweet. This is also known as Nimki, sweet, or spicy diamond cuts, among other names. Kids love to snack on Namak Pare.

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