I learned about the Divar Island in the months since my trip to Goa. One of the most peaceful spots in the state is this mostly deserted island just 10 kilometers from Panaji. I hope to visit Goa in the near future, and if I do, I will unquestionably visit this island and possibly the other islands as well. Goa has so many amazing places to visit.

Try doing what I did and staying with a local if, as a traveler, you are more interested in experiencing a place than just looking at monuments and other sights and taking pictures. There are numerous homestays in Goa, so if you’re planning a trip there, you can always interact with your hosts and learn from them. Learn about the area’s folklore, history, favorite restaurant, and most-popular dish, among other things. Even though all of this will take longer and may necessitate more visits, the experience is completely worthwhile.

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