When you inquire about the reasons behind their trip to Goa, beaches will unquestionably come up. Some of Goa’s best beaches are Calangute, Palolem, Baga, and Anjuna; However, none of them were open to us. We haven’t turned a deaf ear to beaches, but rather because we’ve been to them so many times before and decided to spend more time exploring the interior. For the same reason, we also did not go to any of the well-known churches in Goa.

Everyone who visits Goa for the first time will undoubtedly view the state from a tourist’s perspective. However, it will be a more enriching experience if you decide to explore the area as a resident or even as someone who intends to move permanently to the state.

You’ll become a part of the people, the food, and the culture of the state. I have only traveled with a tour group twice in my life, and I have learned that you will learn more than just facts when you figure out your way around a new city, talk to the locals, and explore on your own.

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