If you are fortunate enough to get a chance to visit Havana, you might be struck by the vibrancy and spirit of the locals. Cubans seem to view life as an ongoing dance, with a passionate flair and an enviable rhythm, despite the difficult economic conditions. In Havana, there is always a place and a reason to party, from traditional salsa and bolero joints to raw reggaeton street parties.

Even though there is a wide variety of entertainment in the capital, a tour guide might steer you toward the usual tourist hotspots: either the renowned El Floridita bar or the extravagant Tropicana Cabaret Show from the 1950s. However, with prices ranging from 85 to 90 dollars per person, these extravagant locations may not always be affordable for backpackers on a budget.

My friends and I spent six months studying in Havana and avoided the tourist traps to try cheaper, more authentic nightlife spots. Here are four of my favorite affordable places to boogie in Havana based on my experience. Ideal if you prefer to perform with the Cubans rather than in the audience.

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