We had finally reached our destination two hours later. We found our lodging after dismounting the camels, which I did not do very gracefully. a rectangle of colorful fabric tents that are charming but surprisingly spacious. To catch the sunset, we began our ascent of the dunes.

I stopped for a moment to take in the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings as the more daring surfed down the dunes. We felt like the only living thing on the planet as we contemplated the vastness of the earth and looked ahead to a horizon of sand with no end in sight.

We gathered around the campfire following yet another delectable Berber meal. We gave in to the charm of the desert and joined in with more traditional Berber dancing and music while covered in blankets. Oh, and the stars! A blanket of stars glistened with a clarity that cannot be captured on camera above us, away from the city’s pollution. As we sat side by side with our Berber guides, we talked about our varied histories.

I was intrigued and inquired about how they managed to acquire so many languages while living so far away. They responded, laughing, “the school of life.” We went to bed with an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment after basking in the power of their simplicity.