I don’t mind a trip that moves quickly because I want to see as many places as possible. At home, I can unwind and sleep late! I enjoy trying local dishes and learning as much as I can about the cultures of the places I visit. Because of this, I make the most of our tour free days.

I use suggestions from tour leaders, pre-planning at home, and internet searches for “What to do with 24 hours in XYZ?” to plan my free days. Every time it has worked! Don’t be afraid to explore a new city on your own; it’s not impossible. The tour guides did an excellent job of showing us the local metro systems in each city.

I’m ready to go if you give me a map and a brief tutorial. If you do have a question, you can always find someone who understands English and is willing to assist you, as I have discovered. In the event of a crisis, I always have the iTranslate and Maps backup apps on my phone.