Travelers have always been drawn to the Loire Valley because of its abundance of royal châteaux and lush landscapes. But the region didn’t start looking for new reasons to visit until very recently, thanks to the initiative of hoteliers, creatives, and chefs.

This effort began in 2020 with the gastronomic and nature-inspired getaways at Les Sources de Cheverny and Loire Valley Lodges, and it has not stopped. Fleur de Loire, the fine-dining-focused hotel in Blois that opened in July and was run by double Michelin-starred chef Christophe Hay, has raised the bar significantly. Hay renovated a hospice that was in use in the 17th century to open two restaurants, a pastry shop, a Sisley spa, 44 elegant rooms, and a 2.5-acre garden that supplies all of Hay’s food.