The Islamic festival of Ramadan lasts for a month. It is based on the Islamic lunar calendar and occurs in June and July. Ramadan is the period of fasting, supplicating, and rewarding everyone around you. Muslims observe a month of fasting by not eating or drinking from dawn to dusk. Muslims observe this month as the month of sacrifice, during which they give up many of their worldly desires for the sake of God.

To improve themselves and others, they frequently give up things like eating, sleeping, and other pleasures. Ramadan is also known as the month of joy because Muslims eat and drink to mark the end of their fast. This is the hour of delight and festivity.

Even though I’m not Muslim, I know what fasting is all about. I used to fast for long periods of time when I was younger so that I could have a different kind of life. I remember going on a month-long fast during which I only consumed certain foods and beverages. Focusing on what matters was a great way to do so. Having said that, I comprehend why so many Muslims observe a month-long fast. When I’m at home, I do it myself.