You can check in at home if you want to. Check-in at the airport can be expensive on some airlines, especially low-cost ones. These costs, which can amount to tens of euros, significantly increase the price of the ticket. You ought to hence stay away from the pointless expenses and check in at home.

Pre-book the closest and least expensive parking near the airport. This time, we took off from Treviso Airport in Italy. We booked the Park E while we were still at home. If we had booked the same parking at the airport, we would have paid six euros per day. We only paid three and a half euros per day in this way. We paid in advance and entered the plate number for our vehicle into the application. We were able to drive away the day we returned after the system scanned our vehicle’s plate when we arrived at the parking area. In addition to saving money, it is smart and simple.

Remember the movement clinical pack. Our travel medical kit includes Bepanthen cream, something for the throat (Septolete or Neo-angin in Slovenia), and painkillers (usually a blister of Lekadol pills, as Lekadol is common in Slovenia). We also include Band-Aids and a sting-cooling gel because, regrettably, mosquitoes seem to really like us. You know your body the best, so you ought to add medication that you generally use. It is true that medication can also be purchased abroad; however, there are times when we feel unwell following a meal or prolonged exposure to the sun and wind. Instead of searching for an open chemist’s shop in a foreign location, it is really helpful to have the medication at hand.