In point of fact, the trip demonstrated my true independence and capabilities, so I was more than content. It also demonstrated to me the beauty of immersing oneself in a culture that is distinct from one’s own and connecting with locals who are eager to teach you about it.

Years later, when people inquire about my favorite trip, this is the one that comes to mind. Brunei was the unexpected love of Penny. GlobeTrove’s Penny took the picture. Travel is often viewed as an experience, and with good reason. However, there are times when you cannot choose where you travel to.

This happened to me in 2019.My spouse wound up posted in Brunei for work. When I was three months pregnant, I had a choice: Either stay with him for three months in Brunei before going back to India, or stay alone in India. I opted for the first. I wanted to be close to him, not because I was proud of my nation. I had never been drawn to Brunei. I was only presented with a single stunning mosque in any research I conducted online. Due to the high cost of domestic and international flights, frequent outbound travel was also impossible.