Every summer as a child, my parents took me camping in the Chilean Lake District. This was uninformed age, before the web. We had to rely on maps and travel guides back then. So through the vast hours of our excursions, I kept myself engaged looking at a guide, finding out about the humble communities we passed, and persuading my people to take a diversion to visit some spot that grabbed my eye.

I informed them that I had resolved to visit every country in the world during one trip. My dad then told me about the Travelers’ Century Club (TCC), a group of people who have been to at least 100 countries and territories around the world. We had a few laughs. I set my sights on becoming a member because the thought made my eyes sparkle.

Evidently, I began requesting a trip to a different nation rather than the same national park we always visited. Conscious of the monster they had created, they laughed once more and offered a solution: They would take me to Argentina, our neighbor, which would be my first trip abroad; however, I needed to see more of my own country before I could embark on my adventure of visiting another hundred countries. I gladly agreed.