My life was forever altered when we went on a day trip to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand while we were in Bangkok. We learned that animal tourism is cruel and that tourists are complicit in it unknowingly. By participating in animal tourism, we support illegal poaching and animal cruelty. This includes riding elephants and taking pictures with large cats or monkeys. In doing these things, we not only harm the animals but also guarantee that things will never improve. I have to admit that I have never been a fan of animals, but seeing elephants up close and personal changed me. It inspired me to help others.

So, two years later, I and my partner decided to go on a family vacation with our one-year-old son. We sold everything and moved out of San Diego to serve others. We will make the most of this opportunity to assist the less fortunate.

My idea of what happiness is changed after I left Thailand. I no longer associated it with things, but rather with the kind of life I wanted to lead. I realized that your family’s love is what really matters. The Thai family was happier than the majority of Americans. As a result, I made the decision to reclaim one of the most priceless resources on earth: my time. Always remember, all the cash on the planet can’t get you additional time.”