On the road again, we ran into each other in a few different countries. I made the decision to quit my job after six months of intermittent work and join Campbell on his journey around the world. After we tied the knot three years later, we decided to start a travel blog. We’ve done hundreds of hikes, traveled through Latin America on hitchhike for a year, driven thousands of kilometers across Africa, and walked seven Camino de Santiago routes in the past six years.

Corritta’s life took on a whole new meaning when she went to Southeast Asia. Since true happiness comes from giving, possessions are overrated. She and her family left a comfortable life in the United States in order to fill their souls and improve the world. The story of their journey is as follows:

“My life-altering experience compelled me to sell our home, car, and possessions in order to embark on a journey to see the world. That may appear excessive, but allow me to explain. My most memorable global outing was to Bangkok in 2018. I thought this trip would be a wonderful escape from my life’s stress. It turned out to be a life-changing event that made me realize that I was just existing and not living.