One of the most life-altering travel experiences I’ve ever had was meeting my future husband. Six years ago, we met in the Philippines. For a few months, I traveled alone throughout Southeast Asia. After finishing my dive course on Indonesia’s Gili Air Island, I wasn’t sure where to go next. I was seeking a suitable location to learn to surf. I was told about San Fernando, a small Philippine town on Luzon Island, by my dive instructor. For me, it sounded like the ideal location. I purchased a boarding pass right away and after two days showed up in San Fernando.

The dormitory at the hostel I stayed in was huge and had many beds. Campbell was among the many travelers that I met. In point of fact, we shared beds in the dorm. We started going to the beach together, surfing, and going out at night because we liked each other and he also traveled alone. By chance we had very much like itinerary items and chose to proceed with our excursion together.

Surfing, diving, and hiking are all things we enjoy doing together. We left San Fernando and spent two months touring the Philippines together. We then traveled to Singapore. My four-month vacation had come to an end, so I was forced to return home. Since trekking to Everest Base Camp was on both of our bucket lists, we made arrangements to meet up again two months later in Nepal. So we did, it was our first multi-day journey together.