Although I was raised in the city and took my first steps in a tent, not all city girls are as comfortable camping. Melissa shares a setting up camp experience in Newfoundland that didn’t go as expected! ( Always remember the jug opener!) What takes place when you rent a bizarre green pea-colored vehicle that resembles an emaciated Volkswagen Beetle? Indeed, you most certainly receive an undertaking in return, Emily shares.

Know this before renting a small car on an island in Mexico! When you travel with your boyfriend for the first time, you might experience your first full travel day when you encounter a series of mishaps.

Steph experienced that in Phuket, but she quickly discovered a way to rectify the situation. From climbing a mountain overnight without any warm gear to letting a guy kiss her and having him follow her around Laos for two weeks, Cassie tells a lot of stories in this roundup about her adventures. On the road, she has had numerous hilarious mishaps!