Lastly, a look at current trends in corporate travel. This sector of the business is still uncertain and will probably be one of the last to recover on an international scale. The re-visitation of business travel will rely upon many elements, including immunization levels, line openings, and adjusted spending plan structures. Corporate travel may not be as important as it was before the pandemic because many businesses have found that remote work is more effective.

As a result, when events resume, we can anticipate more online training and webinars, virtual or hybrid conferences, and an emphasis on regional travel. However, it is essential to keep in mind the general sentiment regarding business travel in the interim. According to a recent PWC study, 75% of business travelers are not enthusiastic about the idea of traveling for work once more. However, in an effort to rekindle interest in business travel, travel companies are launching initiatives and campaigns like this one from Iberia Airlines.

Travel companies should approach corporate clients with empathy and support, in addition to communicating travel requirements and cleaning protocols in a clear and comprehensive manner. Flexible cancellation policies, private, spacious business class seats, and remote work hotel packages can all assist in addressing customer cares and concerns.