Enriching travel experiences are top of mind for travelers as they plan trips in 2022. Holidays in the great outdoors offer both rest and socially distant explorations, which are both sought after by many travelers. Travelers will be looking for hidden gems, dream destinations, and opportunities for activities that are centered on the natural world, like hiking, taking pictures, or kayaking.

Additionally, safety and cleanliness are essential in lodgings. Over half of respondents to a recent survey conducted by the European Travel Commission indicated that they would rather stay in hotels or independent resorts than in short-term rentals and other types of accommodations.

The strength of a believed brand gives certainty that fundamental wellbeing estimates will be set up. These aspects support the traveler’s journey further when paired with breathtaking encounters with nature.

In view of this, resorts can connect with 2022 voyagers by featuring cleaning conventions, health programs, and eco-accommodating trips. In addition, off-resort hotel brands, such as vacation homes or cabins, may offer units with additional space and privacy in addition to the expert cleaning and customer service one would expect from their preferred resort brand.