The Inn Bettmar Eco Inn, which is situated in an ordinary Canary house, has been totally redesigned utilizing just reused materials. In 2016, it was recognized for the installation of solar panels on its roof, which covers the main terrace. The lodging additionally centers around advancing the utilization of harmless to the ecosystem vehicles.

The hybrid refrigerators that the Canadian HI Rampart Creek purchased helped lessen the hostel’s reliance on propane. The American hostel HI Point Montara is in a lighthouse. The hostel decided to recycle its waste water and use it to irrigate the gardens and the landscape around it because the entire region is experiencing severe droughts. The end result is a garden that is sustainable and beneficial to both guests and the community. Furthermore, these are only a couple of the intriguing tasks.

Don’t forget to donate to these wonderful sustainable projects the next time you book a hostel now that you are familiar with them. Remember that HI members receive a 10% discount.