Currently, you support one of the three Myclimate projects by compensating for your carbon footprint. The first projects will build energy-efficient stoves with chimneys made of local materials, aiming to improve the lives of the Peruvian community. The house is filled with thick smoke from the old chimneys, which consume a lot of wood that is scarce in the surrounding area.

The smoke is directed outside of the house with the help of these new chimneys, which is good for people’s health and saves wood. The locals are receiving instruction on how to construct and utilize the stoves because the project must be well-received in the community. Additionally, they are being taught about all of the benefits.

In three Chinese provinces, the second project aims to switch from coal-burning stoves to biomass-burning stoves. Maize that hasn’t been used is used as biomass, which makes the smoke cleaner and helps the locals and the environment even more. Because polluted air is the cause of more than 420,000 premature deaths annually in China alone and fifty percent of all households still use solid fuels like wood and coal, innovations are crucial. The new stoves aren’t just good for your health; they also save money because you don’t have to buy expensive coal anymore.