Hostelling International is aware of the impact tourism has on climate change and believes that both the traveler and the tourism industry need to make a positive impact. Tourism has the potential to improve the world. Because of this, HI made the decision to establish the Sustainability Fund in 2013, whose primary objective is to reduce the carbon footprint of HI hostels. Myclimate is working with the project to complete it.

The Swiss company is attempting to safeguard the environment on a global and local scale. Through 144 projects in 41 countries, it primarily offsets CO2 emissions. Myclimate focuses on reforestation and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable ones through these projects and collaboration with local organizations.

The environmental protection projects meet the highest standards because they have been shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both locally and regionally and to positively contribute to sustainable development. Additionally, the business offers numerous educational programs for young adults and children.