Packing your belongings is the only remaining task. Here, sustainable practices can also apply. Every minute, approximately one million plastic bottles are sold worldwide. Carry your own reusable water bottle with you to make a difference. However, you will probably also need to shop. To always be able to proudly inform the cashier that you do not require a plastic bag, you should always carry a tote bag with you.

A travel mug for your coffee or mulled wine is another item that can be used again and again. You won’t have to buy coffee in disposable plastic or paper cups as often with it. What’s more, it’s far better in the event that you choose to require some investment and drink your espresso at a bistro. However, we are all aware that sometimes there is insufficient time.

06_Trajnostno_potovanje_-_Sustainable_travel_-_Photo_by_Craig_Adderley_from_Pexels.jpg There are many shampoos and soaps that come in small travel packaging, but this is not a good way to cut down on waste, like plastic. Instead, you should purchase soap bars. You can take them with you on the plane as hand luggage. Additionally, you should examine your sunscreen to see if it contains any components that could be harmful to freshwater and saltwater environments. This is particularly significant while going making a plunge coral reefs. Mineral sunscreen, which is made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, is the best option.