Before you go on your trip, make a list of everything you want to see. Make a list of every important landmark. On our map for traveling, you can find advice for those. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of tourists visiting these places, which will put the most pressure on the environment there. Due to the fact that their original appearance has already been altered, these major attractions also make it impossible to truly experience the essence of the land.

For instance, temples frequently become shops that sell souvenirs. Therefore, avoid the major landmarks and instead look for the real treasures. You will also ensure that your funds reach the remote villages in this manner. A list of places to go usually doesn’t contain any real treasures.

You have to find them for yourself. You can inquire about them from the locals or venture out into the unknown. You will without a doubt discover something intriguing. You can also go to national parks and other protected areas, which are very important for keeping our planet’s natural resources and biodiversity safe. To protect special places and animals, many nations rely on tourist taxes.