It is essential that you behave just as you would at home or even better when you are traveling. This means that you should recycle on your trip if you recycle at home and don’t leave trash all over. especially if you have the impression that no one else is doing it. If you just pick up the trash along the street and take it to the nearest trash can, nature will be grateful.

Popotniski_nasveti_in_inspiracije—Travel Tips and Inspirations—Photo by Tim Douglas from Pexels_1.jpg Where can I book a guided tour? It is essential to select a local tourism organization when making reservations for a safari ride or guided city tour. You’ll get a local guide as a result, which means you’ll get first-hand information. Typically, these guided tours include stops at caterers and artisans in the area. Special tours are also available that take you right into the community’s heart and show you places that most tourists don’t go.

This helps you learn about a country’s many facets. Urban Adventures offers a special Focus program that takes you directly to the locals and tells you their stories. They also have great excursions. These trips, which are organized in partnership with social businesses and non-governmental organizations, help you hear the real stories of real people and address real local issues. You can visit a farm in Kenya or Cubans trying to bring the local communities back to life through art.