Are you currently enrolled in school or just graduated? Then that’s not a problem. However, if you already have a job and want to travel the world for a year, you will need to agree on a course of action. Some common choices include applying for unpaid leave, suspending the contract, or resigning.

When you travel for an entire year, it only makes sense to cut costs at home. If you live in a rented apartment, you can simply move out; otherwise, you should think about renting your apartment or house for the time you are gone, or at least cutting back on expenses that aren’t absolutely necessary (like internet and TV). You can likewise drop your cell phone contract, since it’s more helpful to utilize unfamiliar SIM cards abroad and you can in any case associate with your loved ones through Wi-Fi.

For the most part, every nation has its own money and, except for an “crisis stash” of a couple hundred bucks, you shouldn’t go on cash with you on your outing, but instead pull out cash at an ATM when important. It’s a good idea to bring multiple credit and debit cards with you in case an ATM won’t accept all of them or if something bad happens and you lose one of your cards. What happens if the unthinkable occurs and you lose all of your credit cards? Well, if you give your next of kin permission to access your bank account at home, they can use Western Union to send money to you.