Money is the foundation of everything. If you’ve decided to travel for a year or indefinitely, it’s time to start saving money, unless you’ve already been doing so. How much cash do you want? That depends on how long you want to be away and what you want to see and do. It also depends on how you like to travel: do you prefer to backpack, hitchhike, take public transportation, and sleep in hostels, or do you prefer to stay in boutique hotels and take organized trips?

The budget differences between the aforementioned modes of travel can be quite significant. It likewise relies upon whether you will enjoy the greater part of your outing in nations with a high monetary norm (for example the USA, Australia, the Baltic states) where the costs are a few times higher than the ones in Southeast Asia and a few South American nations.

Whenever you’ve settled on which way of voyaging you like and which nations/landmass you might want to visit, you can look into a great deal of data on the web; It should come as no surprise that a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia on a budget should not require more than one thousand euros per month.