We all have rainy days on a regular basis. We’ve all had a lot of bad days in our lives. We will discuss numerous aspects of a rainy day today. In the blistering summer, individuals become fretful thus much upset because of overheating climate. Rain is regarded as a blessing at that time. Rain is loved by a lot of people, including myself. I love spending money when it rains.

A Day Off for the Students: The rainy day is really special for the students. They don’t have to be there the majority of the time. Therefore, it is not a holiday. Here and there understudies in urban communities need to go to class, even it’s pouring. However, when it rains, the students in the village never arrive at the school.

The students spend most of their time at home, playing games or watching television with siblings or cousins. They eat delicious meals prepared by their aunts and mom. The majority of the family members remain at home.