For some, a rainy day can be very funny and enjoyable, while for others, it can be very difficult. In general, it is something that occurs frequently with us. The majority of us have experienced numerous rainy days. There are times when it rains heavily and other times when it rains very little. We’ll talk about some important aspects of a rainy day in this essay.

A Village in the Rain: The village is without a doubt where the rain has the greatest impact. The villagers are most affected. But there are times when they need it. They want rain and a cool breeze after a long summer. Rain comes as a blessing to them during that time. For both cultivation and tree planting, they require water. You are aware that this is the ideal time to plant seeds in trees and vegetables.

Therefore, it is a significant time in the village. The village’s students adore the rain. They are not required to attend school. I live in a village, am a student, and I read in class 8. We observe an unofficial holiday when it rains. The entire day is spent with our family. My mother makes a wide range of dishes. My father remains at home.