Introduction: I love to travel the world because I am a traveler. I’ll tell you about my travels, which have taken me to several nations. I sincerely hope you enjoy my experience. I began traveling when I was very young. I travel alone backpacking. I always prefer to travel alone, but I’ve made a few Facebook friends wherever I’ve been. After that, I adore greeting them in their place. I find this extremely intriguing.

My Travels in India: Since I began traveling to India a few years ago, I believe I have visited the most popular locations. From Kolkata to Darjeeling was the first stop on my first tour. Even though we were traveling by train, I was truly awestruck. I was extremely pleased. I couldn’t speak because of Darjeeling’s beauty.

And I started to wonder, if Darjeeling is so stunning, what about Kashmir, Simla, and Sikkim? I then considered traveling to Kashmir. That was an extremely valuable encounter. The location is completely distinct from my home. To me, that felt like another world. I spent two weeks there and enjoyed the outdoors. After that, I went back there, and I want to go there again and again.